Risk Assessment

Risk is defined as “the possibility that an event will occur and adversely affect the achievement of objectives.”  As such, a risk assessment is the formal process used to identify and evaluate such events.

Social Risk Services provides organizations with social media-specific assessments of underlying risks. Social Risk Services‘ professionals are not only trained in the practice of internal audit, internal controls, and risk assessment analysis, they are also recognized social media experts.

Social media risk affects every organization.  Social media risk is not a technology risk.  Social media risk is a people risk. Every organization that relies on human resources to carry out its objectives is susceptible to social media risk.

A common misconception is that social media risk affects only organizations that engage in social media practices.  Unfortunately, organizations are finding out the hard way that organizational damage caused by social media is not necessarily the result of faulty social media practices.  In many cases, it is the organization’s people that cause the damage through their unintentional or malicious actions outside of the organizations walls.

Risk Assessment

Social Risk Services‘ risk assessments are conducted with full organization involvement in order to ensure that institutional knowledge is developed and maintained. Deliverables provide the organization with the documentation necessary to address concerns and satisfy stakeholders such as auditors, executive management, directors, and regulators.

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