On-Site Training

It does not matter how much time, effort, or money is spent on assessments and controls – without an effective employee training program the organization will remain at risk and vulnerable.

Social Risk Services provides organization-specific on-site training.  The training program is customized to accommodate each organization’s needs and specifications. Social Risk Services conducts a training needs assessment in order to design the best possible training program.

Social Risk Services considers factors such as risk assessments, internal audit results, business objectives, and director and employee knowledge when designing a training program.


Employees benefit from the passion and energy of Social Risk Services‘ instructors. Training is provided by highly-experience training professionals who can draw upon personal knowledge and experience to make the learning “real” and produce more meaningful outcomes for the organization.

Social Risk Services can deliver on-site training at the organization’s location or another venue such as a conference center, hotel, etc.  Social Risk Services‘ goal is to provide a training solution that produces results regardless of the location.

Contact Social Risk Services at Info@SocialRiskServices.com or 310.408.6963 to discuss how we can develop a customized training solution for your organization.

Social media risk is not a technology risk.

Social media risk is a people risk!